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Pikes Peak Range Riders Foundation

The Cowboy Way

We believe 

Instilling the core values of the Cowboy Way through exposure, mentoring and leadership helps the youth of our community take steps toward being good, solid, productive young men and women that we can be proud of. 

  • Your Word Is Your Bond

Honesty, integrity, ethical behavior and the strength of a handshake, making commitments and sticking to them, and understanding the power of a good reputation.

  • Freedom to Fail... and to Succeed

Opportunities to try something new, climbing back on when you fall off, persistence, commitment, non-judgmental towards others, seeing the best in those around you and envisioning success.

  • Fierce Loyalty

Sticking by your friends, recognizing those who have invested into you, a sustaining interdependent community, the forgotten art of hospitality, and being a good neighbor.

  • Quiet Confidence 

Humility, self-reliance, awareness of personal strengths and limitations, and the ability to determine your own destiny.

  • Stewardship of Resources 

Taking care of your horse before yourself, maximizing scarce resources, respecting and loving Nature, and leaving the trail better than you found it.

Three ways the PPRR Foundation supports Western Heritage in the youth of the Pikes Peak Region.

 We're a charitable foundation that is tax exempt under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service.  


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To serve as the focused hub of youth equestrian and agricultural activities through a first-class facility, partnerships, programs and proactive community outreach. 

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